What is worth to visit in Szigetbecse?

Szigetbecse’s tourism is from the anglers and the holiday makers arriving to the riverside. The Danube side in Szigetbecse is very attractive because of its free beach and its area in the Danube backwater.

Museum of André Kertész

The prominent photographer in the 20th century, André Kertész spent the summers in Szigetbecse at his uncle, Klöpfer Mihály’s place. His connection to the village was kept in all his life, that’s why he accepted the plan with a big joy, that a house will be built for him in the town, similar to his old relative’s house. His personal things, furnitures from his flat in New York and 120 signed photos are now in the memory museum wearing his name which has been waiting for its visitors since 1987.

Address: 40. Road Makádi, Szigetbecse 2321

Phonenumber: +36 24 513 510


To this artwork are laid the names and birthdates of the children coming from Szigetbecse on fire-enamel boards in every year on Mothers’ Day since 1st of January 2001. At this time more 110 children’s names are found on the boughes of the life-tree.