Canoe trips and where to borrow equipment

Canoe trips and where to borrow equipment

ACTIVELY along the Little Danube!

Thanks to its fantastic natural features and exciting cultural heritage, the region of the Little Danube is a perfect spot for excursions and active recreation: besides touring, cycling, rowing, or angling a number of adventure and experience parks are available and you may also explore the natural and cultural values of the area.

There are great opportunities to explore the wonders of the Ráckeve Duna River, during different kind of watertours.

Water tours for rowers 

You can choose from a host of opportunities, if you would like to row on the Little Danube and enjoy the excitement aquatic trips can offer. The islands, bays and lagoons of the Little Danube mean exciting and eventful excursions. 


Canoeing on the Little Danube 
You may discover the beauty of aquatic life, the ecology of floating moors, reeds, and lagoons individually or on organized trips. The kayak and canoe competitions held in the area are getting increasingly popular, such as the Canoe Marathon, attracting a large number of sportspersons from all over the country. 


Tip: Organized canoe trips  

Organized canoe trips await you, starting from Ráckeve, with distances easy to cover, a meal and a visit to the Boat Mill Museum. 

The kayak-canoe fans can get to know the beauty of aquatic life, the floating moors, marshes and the living world of lagoons on organized tours by the „Little Danube River Canoe Trip” staff or by rented boats embark for the unknown.

More information from the tour leader: Mr. József Schenk, +3620 324 4055

Canoe, kayak, SUP- and motorboat rental possibilities: 


2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Rév sor 104. 

Telephone: +36 20 231 9619 


2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Small boats pier 

Telephone: +36 70 908 5954 


2315 Szigethalom, V. utca 1. 

Telephone: +36 20 532 2633 


2300 Ráckeve, Keszeg sor 7. 

Telephone: +36 20 324 4055 


2300 Ráckeve, Kis-Duna sor 1. 

Telephone: +36 30 670 7717, +36 30 670 7737 


2300 Ráckeve, Árpád bridge head 

Telephone: +36 20 387 3096