Markets along the Little Danube

Dunaharaszti market 

One of the region’s largest market is found in Dunaharaszti, where you will find everything from fruits and vegetables through clothing to artisan products. A large parking is available next to the market, but it is also easily accessible be the local bus line.  
The market’s location is: Dunaharaszti, Móricz Zsigmond Street, between the railway and the road. 


Halásztelek Flea Market 

It opens every Saturday and the typical market whirlabout is also the place to taste local foods in a familial atmosphere.  
The market is found here: Halásztelek, Kisgyár utca 23. 


Ráckeve “boat market”  

The name of Ráckeve “boat market” originates from producers and customers once coming here in large numbers by boat from the nearby islands and settlements. Naturally, vessels are often moored to the riverbank right up to today on Wednesdays and Saturdays - the days of the week the market is open. These days, the licensed traditional small-scale producers from the area and the region offer their wares and you may try and taste them in an original market environment, but it is also a good opportunity to take a stroll along the willows on the edge of the Danube’s bank. 
The market’s location is: Ráckeve, the section of the Danube bank named after István Szegedi Kis and Máté Skarica.