Molnár Imre Collection of Zither

In Szigetszentmiklós

Address: 19. Tököli Street, Szigetszentmiklós 2310

The creator of the collection, Imre Molnár industrial designer, gave his own collection of zithers to the city, Szigetszentmiklós with an aim to make it available for the visitors. The collection grows permanently through gifting, currently counts 133 intruments. Objectgroups: ancient zithers, which shows the lobe and tubby zithers coming from the past of  Hungary. There are diatonic and chromatic ones as well. The zithers made by Imre Molnár are mostly tubby zithers for concerts. There are some other string instruments which are relatives of the zither such as epinette, cantele, banio and thambura.

Visiting: with previous registration, 24 530 980

Free admission