Sándor Petőfi memorial museum

In Dömsöd

The museum’s building was built in 1823, that is, in Sándor Petőfi’s birthyear. The walls, beams and doors of the building are all original – with the exception of one – as well as the roof structure. It is a low building, compliant with the average height of people at the time and to increase the efficiency of heating. The museum is made up of four rooms. In the two larger ones, you will see copies of relics related to Petőfi and his parents, while the smaller room houses the cover copies of Petőfi’s works published in foreign languages. The fourth room is furnished with furniture and various household utensils from the 1860s and the turn of the century. 

Dömsöd, Bajcsy Zsilinszky u. 6., Telephone: +36 20 253 2589