Traditional pig slaughter

Traditional pig slaughter
Kategória:miscellaneous, other
Helyszín:Dunaharaszti - More scene
Időpont:-1. November 30. (Monday)

The Heimatland Harast Foundation represents a traditonally Hungarian event cooperating with 3 settlements, 3 butcher and 3 pigs.

From 9:00: traditonal processing of the pork, cooking, handcrafts for children, wine, spirit and hot tea;

Address: Swabian House, Zöldfa str. 39.



Programs in the House of Culture (Táncsics Mihály str. 2.):

• From 19:00 gala dinner

Music: Takser Spatzen and Die Eber Kapelle

Entrance: 3000 HUF incl. dinner

Table booking:

Gerber Ferenc: 06-30-203-1966