Tököl - Hotel Airport and Terminal Restaurant

Tököl - Hotel Airport and Terminal Restaurant

In the green environment with a park the friendly three stars hostel is found near the town of Tököl.

The 3-star hostel built in a friendly, green environment with a park is about 10 minutes away from the centre of Dunavarsány. It waits its guests with a fishlake, playground, restaurant terrace and rooms with a homely athmosphere. There are 17 rooms in the hotel accommodating a maximum of 52 people. The rooms are individually furnished and well equipped (air-conditioning, free WiFi , bathroom with a shower, etc.)

On the hotel ground floor The Terminal Restaurant serves the guests, which has been operating successfully for 9 years. It is excellent for banquets, school leaving and birthday parties, weddings, business and other types of events, up to 150 persons. The restaurant offers its guests a discounted select menu from Monday to Friday and delicacies on its menu card.

Address: 0323/18 Street Hermina, Airport Ipari Park, Tököl 2316
Phone number: +36 30 962-2722
Email: airportszallo@gmail.com
Website: www.airportszallo.hu
Phone number of the restaurant: +36 70 433 7491
Website of the restaurant: www.tuttietterem.hu