Wines and palinkas of the region


Wines and palinkas of the region

Did you know Csepel Island is famous for its wines? Did you know it is here one of the country’s best rosés is made? Part of Csepel Island belongs to one of Hungary’s largest wine regions, the Kunsági Wine Region, and within that, the Danubian district, were viticulture dates back to the 17th century.

Gál Vineyards and Wineries 
Gál Vineyards and Wineries of Szigetcsép is mostly characterised by its fruitier, lighter white and rosé wines. Their most common wines are Rhine Riesling, Welschriesling, Cserszegi fűszeres, Pinot noir and Blaufränkisch. Their best wines have been winning domestic and international awards for years.  

2317 Szigetcsép, Szőlőtelep 

Bálint Erdős Winery  
Bálint Erdős, head of Ráckeve’s family winery lives here with his wife and six children, also finding time besides viticulture and oenology to be the presbyter of the local protestant community.  

2300 Ráckeve, Kastély u. 2. 


Kevevára House of Fine Palinkas  
It commenced operations at Ráckeve in 2015, where palinkas are distilled using contemporary state-of-the-art equipment. As intensive viticulture and pomology are pursued on Csepel Island, raw materials for distilling quality palinkas are locally available. 

2300 Ráckeve, Újhegy, Cukorka u. 2. 

Did you know? 
...that Csepel Island used to be Grand Prince Árpád’s summer residence? A statue has been erected, and a bridge of the Danube and a number of other facilities have been named after Grand Prince Árpád in his memory. Kevevára House of Fine Palinkas have also chosen the name of Grand Prince Árpád as the trademark of their palinkas.