Castle Savoya and the Firetower lookout

In Ráckeve

Castle Savoya

The first inland memory of the world Baroque architecture. It began to be built in 1702 according to Johann Lucas Hildebrandt’s plans. Its ground-plan shows lots of similarities to the ground-plan of the Castle Vaux le Vicomte.

Currently can not be visited.

Address: 95. Kossuth Lajos Street, Ráckeve 2300

Phonenumber: +36 24 485 253

Firetower lookout

Its curiosity is that it is found in the tower of the secessionist town hall. It is open for its visitors from April to October, from Wednesday to Friday: 10a.m-17 p.m, on Saturday and Sunday: 10a.m-18 p.m

There is an admission fee

Address: 25. Kossuth Lajos Street, Ráckeve 2300

Phonenumber: (for groups previous registration neccessary) : +36 24 519 090/2