Promenade at the Danube and the Transmitter Tower

In Szigetszentmiklós

Pathway on the Danube side

It shows the visitors many wonders of the enviroment. The reeds of the Danube arm are protected not just because of its wim-moor laced with rare orchidea species but because of the remained plant-blanket of the sandy, loessing areas of Lower-Dune (bucka). 

Where to find: Szigetszentmiklós, Danube promenade (at the junction of Rév sor str. 168.) 

The Transmitter Tower is the monument of industrial history of the Hungarian Radio in Lakihegy. The tower with its 314 meters height and architectural solution has become popular in the beginning of the previous century all over Europe.

The ironwork was made in the Hungarian State Iron-, Steel- and Machinefactory, with Károly Masszányi’s control.

At the time it was erected, it was the highest building in the world. It had radiated the programme of the Radio Bp1. until 1944 when it was blown up. It was rebuilt in 1946, and was manifested as an industrial monument in 1985.