What is worth to visit in Makád?

Makád is only the last because of its georaphical position on the Csepel-Island but with its beautiful landscapes, and lakes it can be called the first.

The nearness of Budapest brings lots of families to fish and relax here, to this amazing area. Makád is surrounded from 3 sides with the Danube. On the West the Big Danube, as the local people call „Old-Danube”, on the East the Small Danube and on the South the meeting of the two rivers.

Almost every kind of fish can be found in its lakes. The angler like expecially the latenight fishing for catfish and amuro. The bird species of Makád is unique, too. It has many nature reservation areas, where bunting and freat crested grebe are found.  In the periphery of the reeds foxy and grey heron are found but the bustrard likes the reeds, too. Above the fields you can see huge ospreys, falcons and kite. Its zoology is typical of the woods and reeds. It was the hunting ground of the kings and lords in the Hungarian Middle Ages. Out of the wild beasts, deers, boars, out of the little wild beasts rabbits, pheasants and foxes turn out in force. In the Parkwoods of Makád the black squirrel is native. They have got used so to the nearness of people, that it is not rare that they ponce walnut or hazel-nut a the summer cottages.

If you wish a real relaxing and silence, where you can hear the music of the crickets, then visit us in Makád!