Did you know?

…that it is not only Pest County’s, but the nation’s only municipality with a Serbian majority? The tiny municipality of hardly 300 residents in the south of Csepel Island has kept its traditions to present day, as the Hungarian-Serbian bilingual street signs also indicate, among others.

A lesser-known event of the Hungarian Civic Revolution and War of Independence of 1848–1849 is linked to the chapel located at Lórév’s boundary. General Artúr Görgei had Count Ödön Zichy, charged with treason for his pro-Austrian activities and court-martialled, hanged here in 1848. The former administrator of the county of Veszprém, was charged with conspiracy with Hungary’s enemies. 

The romantic chapel outside the village, near the Lórév ferry in the Danube’s washland area was erected by the Habsburg family in 1859 to the memory of Ödön Zichy. The washland environment and the area bordered by grassland and a forest band lend a unique atmosphere to the chapel. 

The chapel is open for visitors - its key must be picked up at Rév Büfé. 

Lórév, Danube bank